Backpacking in Stavanger and need a place to stay?
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Back packing in Stavanger - cheap hotel room

Save money on your accommodation, but don’t skimp on a good bed, a good breakfast and a central location when backpacking in Stavanger.

This page has been put together by Stavanger Bed and Breakfast to let the world know about our cheap alternative for anyone backpacking in Stavanger.

We are proud of the praise we get from our customers from all over the world, all year round. Even though we run a modest yet cheap place to stay here in Stavanger city center, we feel it is important to let others know about our cheap alternative for all those who are backpacking in Stavanger. But with our cheap prices we don’t have the margins to run an expensive advertising campaign like the big hotels in Stavanger.

When we offer such a cheap price and such good value as an alternative to expensive hotel accommodation in Stavanger we feel that a little bragging is in order. That is exactly why we made this page! So please tell your friends who are thinking of backpacking in Stavanger about our cheap alternative. Just click on the buttons, it’ll make everyone happy.

Cheapest in Stavanger?

We think you’ll have to search long and hard to find anything else this cheap at hotels in Stavanger, especially so close to the city center. So you always know what to expect with us - whenever you backpacking adventure brings you to Stavanger. When you stay with us you have your own room and not a bed in a dormitory like at a hostel.

Back packing in Stavanger - cheap hotel room

Centrally located in Stavanger

We are just 5 minutes’ walk from the train and bus stations, the airport bus, the ferries and the boat to Preikestolen / Pulpit Rock.

Preikestolen Certificate of Achievement

Get a Certificate of Achievement when you stay at Stavanger Bed and Breakfast and go to Preikestolen

We are by the same token a good starting point for the trip to Kjeragbolten.

Kjeragbolten Certificate of Achievement

Get a Certificate of Achievement when you stay at Stavanger Bed and Breakfast and go to Kjeragbolten

Good value and cheap

Even though we offer cheap accommodation in the heart of Stavanger for backpackers and anyone else, it does not affect the quality of the services we offer. We offer a good low price alternative to hotels in Stavanger. Our offering includes everything we would like to find if we were backpacking in Stavanger on a budget.

A lot for your money

Even though our prices are cheap for Stavanger the price you pay includes, as our name «Stavanger Bed and Breakfast» implies both a good bed and a good breakfast. Many of our guests think that it is worth staying with us for the breakfast alone.

Even though we call ourselves "Stavanger Bed and Breakfast" you have access to your room all day long.

We also serve complimentary waffles Norwegian style every evening. And our backpacking guests can log on to the Internet with our free Wi-Fi service.

Compare our prices with hotels in Stavanger

Compare how cheap our prices are with what you have to pay at any hotel in downtown Stavanger. It doesn’t matter if you have to pay your hotel bill from your own pocket or if someone else pays it for you – everybody wins if you stay with us and make use of our offer as:

The cheap place for backpackers to stay in the heart of Stavanger